Local Cuisine Restaurants From Coorg Tourism

Coorg tourism is incomplete without the various local cuisine restaurants because food is always a great attraction for tourists and when on holiday, tourists love to experience and try the local dishes. The dishes of Coorg are quite different from the common Indian food and hence it gives a new and different experience to tourists. Through the local dishes the tourists get to enjoy the authentic spices and tastes of Coorg. The likes of East End Hotel, Kodava Cuisine and Athithi are the famous local cuisine restaurants in Coorg.

Kodava Cuisine:-

Kodava Cuisine by its name only indicates that it is a local cuisine restaurant as the name means Coorg Cuisine. It does not have a fancy location or a striking ambience, and it is only and only known for its delicious food. It is a small and easy to locate restaurant, situated on the first floor of a nondescript building. The food here is made in the authentic and natural style of Coorg with the local flavours and spices and gives the tourists the real essence of the Coorg food. It is one of the most famous restaurants in Coorg among the locals. Kodava Cuisine restaurant serves the best Pandhi Curry (pork curry) in the whole of Coorg along with Idiyappam. It is an important part of one’s Coorg trip as it gives the tourists the opportunity to experience the authentic and proper food of Coorg.

East End Hotel:-

The East End Hotel has a better ambience than that of the Kodavi Cuisine restaurant, but it is too well known majorly because of its food. The East End hotel is also one of the few local cuisine restaurants in Coorg. The dishes in this restaurant are on the spicier side as they are made with the authentic local spices of Coorg. The popular dishes of this restaurant are the non-vegetarian ones and they should be accompanied with the large variety of chutneys offered by this restaurant and preferably a cool glass of buttermilk. This restaurant adds to the attraction of Coorg Tourism as it gives the tourists a chance to experience and enjoy the local dishes and get a sense of the taste and spices of Coorg.


Atithi is not typically a restaurant serving only the local cuisine of Coorg, but is a South Indian restaurant serving delicious dishes with recipes from the whole of South India. It is a vegetarian restaurant and the food is served on banana leaves to give the natural essence of South India as most locals in the southern part of India eat on banana leaves rather than plates. This makes for an exciting value add for visitors looking for different experiences of Coorg Tourism. This is not a very expensive restaurant and is value for money, which helps it to attract a larger portion of the tourists making it a popular restaurant in Coorg. The specialties of this restaurant are rava dosa, masala dosa, idli and vada. The tourists get the true essence of South India with the delicious filter coffee served at this restaurant.