Restaurant Meals Can Be Healthful

Everyone can enjoy an occasional meal in a restaurant and order whatever they want. But if you have to eat in restaurants several times a week, you need to devise ways to make healthy choices and avoid the temptation to over-eat. If you are trying to control weight, diabetes, cholesterol or high blood pressure, you need to must find ways to meet your special requirements.

First, choose restaurants that gives you a fighting chance. Find a restaurant with a good salad bar and load up on fresh vegetables. Order broiled fish for your entree. Ask to have it prepared with lemon juice instead of butter. Have steamed vegetables as an accompaniment, without added butter, and fresh fruit or fruit ice for dessert.

Asian restaurants often have a wide array of tasty dishes with lots of vegetables. Thai and Vietnamese restaurants and Mongolian grills are good choices if you stick to the vegetarian and seafood entrees. Go easy on the white rice.

Your chances of finding whole grains in a restaurant are slim to none, but if you travel a lot, you might want to pack or shop for your own cereal to eat in your hotel. Large cities and college towns often have vegetarian restaurants that offer varied, flavorful meals made with vegetables, beans and sometimes even whole grains. Whatever you order, watch out for the huge portions that many restaurants serve. Divide it up at the beginning of the meal and save some for the next day’s lunch, share with a friend, or just leave it.

The restaurants listed below are a few of the national chains that offer good to excellent salad bars and some other healthier choices for people on the go.

Black Eyed Pea

Bob’s Big Boy



Golden Corral

Long John Silvers

Lone Star

Olive Garden


Ruby Tuesday

TGI Friday’s

If you have found other good choices let me know and I’ll add them to this list (send an email through my web site, below)

Going Vegetarian

Giving up meat is not an easy feat. Our carnivorous cravings are there for good reason. Meat has many nutrients that are essential to a healthy diet not and, at the same time, tastes incredible. Many people hesitate to move from an omnivorous, meaning meat and vegetables, to a vegetarian diet. Some are compelled to do so for health risks and some think about doing so because they think it is the healthier option. Whatever the reason, switching from meat to greens should not be a difficult task. You need not feel deprived and battle with crazy food cravings.

Focus on the good things in a vegetarian diet. Remember that you still get to each chocolate and drink milk. At the beginning, it may be difficult because you’ll miss the texture of the meat products. Not to worry, there are not very good mock meat soy products. There are veggie burgers now that are so good, you can’t even tell the difference. The secret is to finding the right stuff. Remember that going vegetarian does not necessarily mean that you’re giving up good tasting food altogether. It’s a matter of ingenuity. Find the right dressing and combination that will make your all-vegetable meal a sumptuous one. Be creative in preparing your meals. Be on the lookout for quality vegetable product and vegetarian restaurants. Connect with other vegetarian and get tips and great finds. And most importantly, enjoy the switch. Think of it as a fun way to get healthy rather than a deprivation.

How to Save Money by Eating in Restaurants in London Cheap

One of the best ways of saving money in London, is to select locations where we can enjoy good food and don’t worry about high costs.
The picnic, it’s a good way to save money and enjoy a local park or a plaza at the same time. However, generally the fun part of travel is to discover local restaurants.
And in London you can find very good food from all over the world. Here we recommend some of our favorite spots and conviniently located around the central part of London:

Café in the Crypt, St Martin In The Fields Church, Trafalgar Square:

It is so good that we even came back several times. The Cafe is located on the lower level of the church and has an interesting decoration on the walls of brick, and put classical music in the background. Meals are served cafeteria style in which you can select different dishes, including vegetarian.

The afternoon tea is offered every day, and one can hear that climbing in the stairs, in the chapel, there are world-famous musicians practicing for the program of the night. Listening to the musicians is free and afternoon tea is sold at a very reasonable price. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are also offered, and sometimes placed candlesticks with candles on certain nights.

Mangia Club (Punch Tavern) 99 Fleet Street.
When you go to London, if you decide to visit the Club Mangia, you will be impressed by the amount of international dishes offered. At lunchtime, for just £ 7.50 you can eat all you want without limits! And the good thing is that they rotate different kinds of food, so you can eat an impressive Moussaka, not to mention all the salads that you have around you.

Wagamama (Leicester Square, Knightsbridge, Earls Court, Fleet Street).
This chain of Japanese restaurants enjoys popularity long time ago. And good food served fast, and most of its dishes costing below £ 10. Do not forget to check the menus. The majority includes a main dish, accompanied by gyoza (ball of dough is served in soups or stews), and something to drink. All for less than £ 15.

Food for Thought (31 Neal St., Covent Garden)
If you’re the type of person who likes to eat “on the go” or quickly, then this restaurant is for you. This vegetarian restaurant may be something “hippie” for those who visit it for the first time, but when there is a surprise – their dishes costing around £ 4.50, you’ll love it!

Italian Coffee (46 Goodge Street.)
It is one of the favorite places for backpackers and exchange students who wish to save. It’s perfect if you want to enjoy a hot and tasty pizza for just £ 3.