The Truth About Easy Vegetarian Recipes

Despite the health benefits of being one, most people quit being vegetarians because easy vegetarian recipes are sometimes hard to come by. In some cases, the need to find an easy recipe is motivated not just by the need to really find one but to satisfy curiosity as well. Is there really such a thing as an easy vegetarian recipe?

The Value of Cooking at Home

Some new vegetarians may be tempted to easily buy take outs at vegetarian restaurants. Most of us know however that there are great advantages to cooking meals at home. Home cooked meals are almost always cheaper to prepare and have the additional benefit of binding members of a family in a comfortable atmosphere. One other major plus factor for you is that you are 100% sure of the cleanliness of your vegetables and what exactly goes into a dish.

Knowing What Type You Belong To

To find an easy recipe is to identify first what kind of vegetarian you are as well as the others you are planning to cook a meal for. The most common type is the lacto-ovo-vegetarians who eat vegetables, fruits, eggs and dairy products. A lacto eats the same kinds of food except for the eggs.

Those that don’t eat animal meat and are strict types are called vegans. There are other kinds but these are the most common. Once you know where you, your family and your friends belong to, finding an easy recipe will be easier.

The Recipe Myth

A lot of non-vegetarians have the common misconception that vegetarian recipes are either hard to come across or are complicated to prepare. Since most of them also lead busy lives, this may seem discouraging. There is however no truth to this common belief. In fact, some vegetarian recipes are the easiest to prepare.

Vegetables and fruits can be simply pureed and blended to keep the freshness and nutrients intact. Less strict vegetarians however also have a variety of choices. For lacto-ovo-vegetarians for example the only thing that needs to be omitted are meat products and meat based products. This means that you can basically saute or steam anything you like as long as there isn’t any meat in it. For a truly substantial, tasty and healthy recipe, you can substitute meat with tofu, beans, legumes and nuts.


The real key to an easy recipe is having a stock of a variety of fruits, vegetables, grains and dairy products at home. Aside from the usual fruits and vegetables, you can also stock up on spices, seeds, olive oil, pasta, rice, cereal and noodles. Just imagine what you can cook up even with just these basic ingredients. Food preparations can be as convenient as sautéing some vegetables, spices, beans, tomato sauce and topping it on rice.


One thing you have to remember about any easy vegetarian recipe is that you have to properly wash and clean all of your fruits and vegetables even those with inedible peelings. Most of these food items have changed hands so often before reaching you that they’re bound to carry some dirt or bacteria. Wash your food with running water and use a brush for fruits and vegetables with dimpled, corrugated or hard skins.

The Best Halal Vegetarian Food in Japan

You know what irritates me when I travel? Being a vegan and not finding a good restaurant to satisfy my growling stomach and being a Muslim having to find Halal food is a big task in itself. When I visited Japan I had no idea I’d find vegan restaurants so easily and finding halal restaurants in Japan is a piece of cake nowadays since the government has announced Muslim friendly policies. All I had to do was a simple Google search on the super fast internet in Japan and there was a huge list of Halal Vegetarian restaurants in Japan. Out of the many choices, I found these three the best. Go ahead and read my reviews on these famous Halal restaurants in Japan.

Bejita Hamamatsu

Bejita Cafe offers brown rice and vegetable which is useful for health. To guarantee nourishment and health, they are specific about the cooking process. There are regular dishes, for example, the Month to month Special Kobachi platter” and additionally treats not using ingredients like white sugar, eggs, dairy product. This restaurant also features a Kid’s play area and small shops that sell reliable ingredients from known sources. The overall ambience is very good and the food served is fresh and mouth watering.

Recommended Dishes: Café Latte, Apple Pie and Monthly Plate.


This restaurant serves delicious, healthy and natural vegan meals by utilizing precisely chosen ingredients that stimulate your body while putting your brain at ease. They serve BENTO box snacks and cooked food for take away. They avoid using any animal extracts, chemical substances, flavor enhancers, additives, or sugar. The best thing is they offer “meat taste-alike” dishes that utilization millet, dried food, and vegetables as different options for fish, eggs, or ground meat, and simple side dishes and delicious desserts. It is highly recommended that one make prior reservation since this restaurant is always bustling with diners. It also makes sure that they have enough food prepared because the only drawback of this restaurant is that they stop taking orders once the food and boxes finish.

Recommended Dishes: Agemono and seasonal cake.

Café Magnolia

Cafe Magnolia is situated in Tamagawa-cho, Imabari City (Ehime prefecture) with wonderful views of the countryside and scenery. The dishes are prepared with natural wheat, rice and beans vegetables and kelp for four seasons. The owner, Rumiko SEO is a very decent and welcoming woman. She has travelled and eaten all around the globe amid her exchanging organization days. Krial Kayoko who lived in the U.S. for a long time is also a co-owner and is glad to welcome diners.

Recommended Dishes: Organic Spaghetti and Gateau Chocolate Tofu Whipped Cream.

Meeting Vegetarians is Easy

How do you connect with other vegetarians and vegans? If you are single and looking for a mate who you can go out to dinner with and not have to explain why you don’t eat chicken then it is important to try and connect with other vegetarians and vegans. The problem is that people don’t usually walk around with signs announcing their dietary preferences. And you don’t want to walk around asking every cute guy or girl if they like meat (you may get some unusual looks). Luckily there are some easy tips for connecting with other Veg-heads in your community.

First, try the Internet. There are a number of dating websites that are specifically for vegetarians and vegans. Just be wary of any sites that ask for upfront payments or long term contracts with upstart companies. You don’t want to pay money only to discover they only have a few matches in your area. Even some of the larger and better known dating sites now allow you to specifically look for other vegans and vegetarians. But don’t be lulled into a false sense of security just because someone claims to be a vegetarian. With any internet dating site follow general safety rules. Always meet in a public place, and if possible bring a friend with you. Don’t share any personal information like your address. Give work or cell phone numbers if possible since your home phone number can be tracked back to your address. If you get a bad feeling about someone then listen to it. Your gut instinct is your greatest asset.

Those who would rather meet people in the real world should get involved in animal rights activism and organizations. I’ve found that these groups have a higher percentage of vegetarians then the general population. And even if you don’t find a love connection you’ll get a good feeling from helping out for an important cause. If you are interested in Easter religions and spirituality you may want to spend some time with your local Buddhist groups or Meditation centers. Many Buddhists choose a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle as a religious choice. Of course if you aren’t interested in the Buddhist religion it would be silly to go just looking for potential dates. But if you have an interest in learning more about the religion or about meditation in general then local Buddhist organizations can be a rich resource.

But what if you live in a city that doesn’t have any of these groups? Well then it is up to you to start one. The internet has made it easy to organize a meeting or gathering by posting them on a community message board. Some potential ideas include arranging a gathering at a local vegetarian restaurant one weekend or reserving a shelter at a local park and host a vegan potluck lunch. Don’t be disappointed if the first few times aren’t raving successes. It usually takes months for a new group to become popular enough to sustain itself. You may be surprised how many vegetarians there are in your community. They were just waiting for someone to take the lead.

But before you do any of these things you need to do some deep soul searching and figure out how important vegetarianism is when choosing a mate. In other words, is it important that they share your exact same beliefs or that they are just accepting of them? If you are a strict vegan can you only see yourself with another vegan, or is it acceptable if they occasionally eat dairy and eggs? And if things are getting very serious you might want to discuss is you will raise your children as vegetarians also. Some vegetarians believe that it is a decision that must be made individually by the child. Others think that it is important to raise their kids with the same ethics as them.