Dieting? Enjoy Restaurant Foods

Everyone gets tired with cooking and wants to go to a restaurant for a change. But then, your physician has notified you not to eat restaurant foods since it could result in gaining weight. But going to a restaurant is so much tempting. Well, there are ways to enjoy restaurant foods without gaining weight and feeling guilty.

1. Go to a vegetarian restaurant:

May be vegetarian restaurants do not appeal to you but they offer non-fat, healthy and very tasty foods. Just go once and give it a try. This way, you remain on the safe side and you don’t have to count your calories. Eat some lean chicken or fish accompanied by brown rice and lots of vegetables instead of greasy or fried chicken or fish served with fries and no veggies at all.

2. Ask for olive oil for salad dressing:

A portion of green lettuce is excellent for quick weight loss since it contains many different kinds of raw vegetables Raw veggies will boost your metabolism consequently helping you burn fat. However, salads are mostly served with a dressing rich in calories. Make sure you ask the waiter not to mix in the provided dressing but to bring you olive oil and balsamic vinegar or lemon juice to make your own healthy dressing!

3. Avoid all you can eat buffet restaurants:

These foods are extremely rich in calories and are being cooked in low quality oil. They are very unsuitable for individuals looking to shed pounds. If you really want to go to such restaurants, then stick to the salad bar and mix lots of veggies and beans in it. That way you can enjoy to eat all you want!

4. Control your portions:

Determine the quantity of food you are going to eat before you start eating! Whenever you believe that the dish presented to you outstrips the portion limit you are permitted, then set aside the excess food and take the leftovers back home to be eaten on the next day.

Once in a while, go to a regular restaurant and eat whatever food you want just to appease your tastebuds! There is nothing wrong with that and, hopefully, it will satisfy you for a long while.

Bon appetit!

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Best Restaurants To Eat In Danbury, CT

Regardless if you are either visiting, or are fortunate enough to live in Danbury, eating out is a treat because the best restaurants to eat in Danbury, CT will leave you feeling as though you want to come back over and over again. The restaurants in Danbury CT reflect the community and the ciry itself, in that variety and cultural diversity can be readily found. From low end through to high end, the discerning local or visitor will find the perfect place to dine out. What’s more, there is a good range of ‘styles’ as well, meaning casual, formal, cultural and occasional settings available to suit many different occasions.

A quick look through the many restaurants in Danbury DC shows that users have rated the food and user experience. So to keep your dining experience on track, we’ll take a look at a few of the top 4 and 5 star, user rated restaurants in Danbury. A total of sixty six restaurants in Danbury CT have been rated by users and the following restaurants have all received four or five stars:

5 Star Rated

Deep’s Trellis

Michael Angelo’s Pizzeria

Bamboo Modern Asian Restaurant

New Holiday Diner

Main St Diner

First and Last Cafe

Atlantic Restaurant

Soho Pizza

4.5 Star Rated

Cafe On the Green

Brio’s Tuscan Grill

Della Fransesca

Nico’s Pizza and Pasta

Castello Restaurant

Stanziato’s Woodfired Pizza

Pancho’s Tacos Mexican Restaurant

Sesame Seed


Pho Vietnam

Augie’s Nunero #1 Italian Restaurant


These 4.5 and 5 star restaurants are the best restaurants to eat in Danbury CT and they range through a variety of different foods, dining styles and budgets. They provide plenty of locational choices too. Ratings provided by actual regular users always provide a good overview of an eating establishment, rather than reviews which have been written by specialist chefs or food entrepreneurs. This being so, these ratings should point you in the right direction when you start feeling hungry.

I’m also including the restaurants which were rated with four stars, just to provide some more options on the off chance the restaurants listed above don’t quite do it for you.

4 Star Rated

Molly Darcy’s

Desert Moon Cafe

Fairfield’s Restaurant


Mezon Tapas Bar and Grill

Elmer’s Diner

Max 40

Hanna’s Mideastern Restaurant

Two Steps Downtown Grille


Bambino’s Pizza and Pasta

Nick’s Pizza

Windmill Diner and Restaurant

Famous Joe’s Pizza

Buffalo Wild Wings

Goulash Place

Spasi Restaurant

Ondine Restaurant

The Cheesecake Factory

Between this broad range of restaurant choices, you will definitely find a few which strike a chord with you, your budget and your taste buds. There are some exciting options here for all kinds of diners, including families with children. So regardless of whether you are a local or a visitor, this overview of the best restaurants to eat in Danbury, CT, should at least provide you with some great dining opportunities, so please enjoy.

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