Veggie Diet – Easy Steps For Going Vegetarian

Have you been feeling unhealthy lately? Feeling bloated and needing to detoxify? Thinking of adopting a veggie diet but afraid of going cold turkey? Here are some tips on how to help you go vegetarian, without having to go through horrific withdrawal symptoms.

Let’s face it. Whenever you eliminate something in your life that you’ve gotten used to – you experience withdrawal symptoms. Alcoholics crave for alcohol. Smokers get nervous without nicotine. I, a self-confessed coffee addict, experience raging headaches if I don’t get a cup of coffee first thing in the morning.

It’s the same with food. If you’ve been eating fast food all your life, you’re bound to crave for it once you stop dropping by the nearest fast food chain. If you’re a meat eater trying to go vegetarian for a season or for life, I will tell you now: it will not be a trip in the park. But don’t fret. If you’re serious about going vegetarian, it is doable.

Here are some steps to make the change from meat to veggie diet a little easier for you.

  1. Easy does it. – Some vegetarians recommend going cold turkey. But I find that it’s actually easier to slowly ease out meat from your diet than to take it out all in one go. Make a calendar. For the first week, allow yourself meat four times a week. At week two, decrease your meat intake to three meals a week and so forth. This way you’ll be giving your body enough time to adjust to the change.
  2. Stay away from temptation. – You’re not going to get anywhere if you keep on hanging out at the most popular pork ribs joint. Ask around for famous vegetarian restaurants instead. And read up on literature that will encourage you to continue your lifestyle change.
  3. Deprivation and Rewards – Finally, do NOT deprive yourself of good meals! Research online for great veggie diet recipes. And reward yourself once in a while for your efforts.